Waiting room management

The pandemic has brought about several new procedures, particularly in relation to the management of the waiting room.

Calendarspots.com offers you a new option to better coordinate the arrival of clients for their appointments.

The Check-In field allows you choose from several statuses from the Registration menu in the appointment box.

This can help you keep track of your appointments, and make sure your staff and customers have enough time between arrival/departure to clean a work area.


Special message to customers during the health crisis

Since the Legault government announced the gradual resumption of commercial activities, companies have been planning a return to work. Many procedures will need to be put in place to protect customers. Calendarspots.com is doing its part with a new feature to support you in this task.

It’s now easier to communicate special procedures to customers with the “global message” option.

Where does the global message appear?

This important message will appear in appointment confirmation emails and reminders. Soon, the message will also be added to the portal after an appointment has been made and will be available for consultation via text message reminders.

The message will apply to all reserved services or workshops.

What does the overall message look like?

To attract attention, your personalized text will appear in a blue box followed by an icon with an exclamation mark.

This message will be placed above the confirmation and cancellation buttons (if reminder email).

As space is limited, you can insert a hyperlink to an external site with more details.

How to use the global message?

This feature is very flexible and can be used to :

  • advise your client to cancel their appointment if they have symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have been in contact with a carrier or possibly a carrier.
  • inform about the procedures to be followed upon arrival of the appointment.

How to program the global message?

You have to go under Settings-Messages and scroll to the bottom of the page to program your special text. Remember to save your changes after typing out your global message.

Message spécial aux clients pendant la crise sanitaire

Depuis que le gouvernement Legault a annoncé le reprise progressive des activités commerciales, les entreprises planifient le retour au travail. De nombreuses procédures devront être mises en place afin de protéger les clients. Datedechoix.com fait sa part avec une nouvelle fonctionnalité pour vous accompagner dans cette tâche.

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