Archives mensuelles : December 2019

Multi-location module

Did you know that it is possible to add the multi-location module to all our plans for only $ 5 per month, even to the Solo plan?

In addition, our Pro plan includes up to 5 locations at no additional cost.

This option is particularly interesting for self-employed workers who travel to several sites, or who also work a few days from home.

It is also a popular option for companies with multiple business addresses or franchises.

Why the multi-location module?

This module allows you to display several business addresses on the appointment booking portal and on the agenda. The customer chooses the desired location and then only sees the services, employees and availability specific to that location.

Also possible to show only a few locations publicly and hide other locations. For example, for those who work with a small clientele from home.

Additionally the multi-location module allows you to :

  • Program a separate schedule per employee, per location;
  • Limit the access of certain users to specific locations;
  • Choose whether or not to publicly display one or more addresses;
  • Associate a name with the address ex. Carrefour Laval or Clinique ABC;
  • Display the address of the selected site in automated reminders;
  • Display the appointment address for electronic receipts.

The multi-location module costs less than several combined subscriptions and makes it possible to centralize managing appointments and clients with simple and fast access!



Update for users of the multi-location module

The multi-location module allows an organization with multiple sites to manage appointments both centrally and by individual locations.

The account holder can limit a user’s access to one or more locations.


From now on, when the access of a receptionist or a manager is limited to a site but one of his employees works at several sites, the receptionist or the manager will see a gray block (no customer information) on the agenda which denotes an appointment fixed for this employee at a site to which he does not have access.

The multi-location module (up to 5 sites) is available at no additional cost with the PRO package; or for just $ 5 more per month with other plans.

For any questions about the multi-location module, contact